T.N. STERLING LAW FIRM techically began in May of 2015 when The-Nimrod Sterling, upon realizing how either over worked, incompetent or corrupt most attorneys and the courts are; decided to represent himself in Federal Criminal Trial. It was a bitter sweet loss which cost him 57-months of his life behind bars for crimes he should not have been charged with, as he was actually the victim of fraud and framed on gun possession by one of his bodyguards.
   Then sitting second chair in his 2016 State Trial for somewhat the same (Witch Hunt) crimes he was given 20-Months extra time for in federal court... The-Nimrod Sterling with the assistance of attorney was able to "defeat" the State Of Arkansas from sentencing him to 30-Years in Prison... originally lowered from 70-Years!
   That defeat only came at the last minute upon The-Nimrod Sterling " going against counsel advice" and taking the stand in his defense after he was once again unjustly found guilty. Thereby giving him the last chance to explain his situation before the Jury sentenced him to 30 Years In Prison. Of course once the Jury heard the truth from Mr. Sterling's mouth and realized they had pronounced an innocent man guilty... the Jury voted to impose No Prison Time, etc.
   Once again an unfortuniate ordeal even though The-Nimrod Sterling escaped 30-Years in State prison. He knew if his attorney had listened to him from the start and defended the charges as he instructed, to include supporting Mr. Sterling's desire to take the Witness Stand in the beginning, the jury would have never found him guilty from the start.
   Nonetheless from 2016 until 2018 The-Nimrod Sterling (personally) prepared and filed Federal & State Lawsuits and Appeals "pro se" against his Tormentors (the Individuals which framed him); Corrupt Jail Officials; and against a corrupt County Judge.
                                    *                  *                *
   Therefore here at the T. N. Sterling Law Firm, attorneys will specialize in fighting for the client. Because "T.N. Sterling" as Founder: Will Only hire the brightest attorneys with a famish hunger to fight for clients rights.
Two: T. N. Sterling will personally stay on top of his working attorneys Making Sure They Fight to ensure Clients receive the best possible representation. Period!

 Sure T.N. Sterling Law Firm Attorneys Earns A High 6-Figures Yearly...But They Are Worth Every Dollar!

Now   Ask Yourself... What's Your Life Worth To Stay Out Of Prison?
T. N. Sterling,